Loyal Royal Casino

Loyal Royal Casino

Sweepstakes platforms, also referred to as casino style websites. Grant users access to a plethora of casino games at no charge. In contrast to real money online casinos that mandate actual deposits these platforms employ virtual currency systems. Loyal Royal Casino stands out as one such sweepstakes platform. Offering two distinct virtual currencies. Following gameplay with premium currency users have the option to convert their winnings into actual cash prizes. Conversely social casinos feature only one currency designed exclusively for free play and devoid of any redemption functionality.

About Loyal Royal Casino

Launched in early 2022 Loyal Royal Casino is classified as a social casino catering to customers from 48 US states. Positioned as an entirely free to play online casino. It offers users two virtual tokens: Loyal Coins and Royal Rubies. Players may experience gameplay solely for entertainment purposes using Loyal Coins or partake in sweepstakes mode accompanied by the employment of Royal Rubies. Acquiring additional Royal Rubies enables players to exchange them for cash prizes. Amidst an ever growing competitive landscape within the social casino realm our team of experts has undertaken a comprehensive evaluation encompassing games selection, bonus offerings, payment methods, security measures customer support provisions and more.

How to Join Loyal Royal

To register on Loyal Royal Casinos website as a new player requires dedicating fewer than five minutes towards completing the process-provided all pertinent personal details are readily accessible during this undertaking. Prior to our detailed review regarding the range of services offered by this entity; we present an overview outlining preliminary procedures facilitating account creation. Begin by visiting the official website and identifying the clearly marked register button. Prospective players must complete a registration form demanding accurate input comprising full name details,email address information,state jurisdiction record-and ultimately selecting a secure password. The completion process mandates adhering to additional verification requirements incorporating submission of crucial identification documentation inclusive of Social Security Number (SSN) records-as well as authenticating essential details such as date of birth particulars. If the manual process does not work you also have the option of uploading an image of your ID. By completing the verification you will be able to start playing on the site.

Casino lobby & games

The lobby of this casino features a limited number of games. Currently only consisting of 16 games. While most players will not have an issue with this. Some players who register on Loyal Royal may quickly become bored with the available titles. However. We were informed by the support team that the operator is working on adding new games in the near future, which is exciting news. At this time. It is unclear if Loyal Royal will include games from other software developers when they add new titles. But their current lineup consists solely of proprietary games. When it comes to game sorting options for the games at theLoyal Royal casino unfortunately it doesn't offer that feature. However you'll be able to gain access to all the lovely games in both free and premium modes of play. Our research has shown that there are no casino table games or Baccarat tables available on the site, however, you'll find there're many slots and video poker games. Its a well known fact among the casino enthusiasts that slot games are always very popular and they remain a big favorite choice in all casino settings. On the Loyal Royal site you'll find over a dozen slot titles which include both classic slots and video slots too.

Royal Loyalty Club

Loyal Royal hss two virtual currencies for you that're known as Loyal Coins and Royal Rubies. These 2 currencies allow you to play all of the games in 2 different modes. The gold coins (or Loyal Coins) are available to be used for playing free games but don't hold the redeemable value. We'd recommend using these playing coins to test out each of the games on the site. To access the premium mode version and be able to play for real cash prizes you'll need to use Royal Rubies currency that you'll be able to get from this sweepstake casino.

No Deposit bonus

The Loyal Royal no deposit bonus offers 2,000 Loyal Coins and 2.5 Royal Rubies after completing verification on the casino. In addition to the no deposit bonus there is a first purchase bonus of up to 50% based on your bonus code.

Casino promos & regular bonuses

Returning players can enjoy free games and claim bonus coins from Loyal Royal through various promotional offers. These offers include the following:

  • Daily Spin Wheel: This is where you spin for your login daily bonus. You'll get 100 Loyalty Coins and perhaps you'll get 0.25 Royal Rubies.
  • Daily Match Play: Available once every day this offer grants you a 25% match play bonus with the bonus code FIRST.
  • Weekly Bonuses: These bonuses cover all offers that can be claimed throughout the week.
  • Social Media Giveaway: By following the operators' social media channels. You may participate in random giveaway contests on Facebook or Instagram over time.

Mobile App at Loyal Royal Casino

Should you wish to initiate your journey on this esteemed mobile web app all you have to do is pay a visit to the casino site and proceed to click on either the Login or Register button situated elegantly atop your screen. Alternatively. Triggering the sign up form is as simple as tapping any game image that piques your interest. In depth insight into various aspects of the casino can be garnered by accessing its menu button housed in close proximity to aforementioned buttons at the uppermost part of your screen - from here you can effortlessly delve into essential topics such as how to play instructions. Rules governing gameplay activities on this platform. Privacy policy details along with terms and conditions meticulously outlined for user convenience.

Mobile software & games

The Loyal Royal team asserts that they have a mobile web app for all players. And we fully agree with this assertion after exploring their site. Their site boasts an impressive design that is responsive and minimalistic. The user interface is excellent. And there are several notable advantages to using their mobile web app. One of these advantages is that there is no need for updates every time a new game is added or released. Additionally by using the mobile web app you can save your mobile device since there is no need to download a separate app. Furthermore each time you launch the mobile web app you'll get full access to the most recent version of the site.

To begin using the mobile web app simply visit the casino website and click on either the Login or Register button located at the top of the screen.Alternatively you can tap on any game image to activate the sign up form. Then there's a menu button at the top of the screen where you can access information such as how to play guides. Rules of play, privacy policy details, and terms and conditions. On the home page of their websites main section. You will find a carousel displaying various promotional offers at the top. Just below this carousel you will see a collection of games available in Loyal Royals repertoire. When launching any game on this casino site players have the option to play in landscape mode-a feature that many mobile casinos lack but which we appreciate since it reduces fat finger errors when placing bets during gameplay.